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Finding the Right Balance....Part 1 of 3: Weight Loss

Trying to find the right balance is not an easy thing, especially the older you get and the more responsibilities that come. I'm trying to find the right balance in a lot of different parts of my life right now: weight loss, being a parent, and being a wife.

Weight Loss: I am now starting Month 14 in my weight loss journey. I have done very well in the weight loss department, as well in losing inches. When I look at myself in the mirror at the gym as I lift weights I can really tell that my legs are looking better and smaller. Why center on my legs?? Over all that is the one place that I have lost the least amount of inches. And as I told Tyler, I will never have small slender legs....they will always be curvy and since accepting that I want to make sure they are toned and muscular.
But I'm going off course of the topic.
This last week to week and half I have been working on finding the right balance of exercise and calorie consumption. When I first got home from my mini vacati…

My struggles for the month of July

I knew going into the month that the first 10 days were going to be a little harder than usual as I was going up to my hometown to visit family and get a mini vacation from my everyday life here in Charleston, plus I need some much needed me time that I was going to get when the kids went to spend the night at one of their grandfather's house. I skipped my usual workout on Friday morning since I had so much I still needed to do before getting on the road at 1. Saturday morning I got up and went for my first run outside since the middle of felt great. It went somewhat downhill after that. For the 10 days I was there I only worked out 3 times...I didn't feel guilty about not doing more, nor do I feel guilty about it now. I spent most of the week eating what I wanted when I wanted, never once did I over eat to the point of being so full I was sick to my stomach, but I wasn't as strict to what I was eating. Again I didn't feel guilty about not watching it more, no…