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My Year in My Weight Loss

I started out on this last attempt to lose weight on June 26, 2010. My 1 year anniversary is coming up in 3 days. I still can't believe that I stuck with this for a whole year. My last few attempts only last a few months at a time. I can't say what one reason why I stuck with it this time, but I do contribute most of it due to me being in therapy. Along with getting my outer image what I want it to be, I worked on getting my inner image what I want it to be. I let go of so much through therapy which in turn let me let go of much from my body.

I have learned so much through out this last year. After the first couple of weeks I stopped feeling that "hunger" feeling. I have never felt deprived of anything type of food as I didn't anything from my diet. I did go one month of no fast food to see if I could do it....lasted 25 out of the 30 days. I didn't feel like that was a failure by any means, I was on a family outing and it was a last minute decision to grab KFC…