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Back On Track with Friends

I think I have slowly found myself back on track. Though I can't take all the credit. I have two really good friends who have set up an accountability group. Through out the day we text each other to see how we are doing with our food choices and also our workouts for that day. We even send in a snap shot of our calories/exercise totals for the day off the Sparkpeople mobile app. It's great that even though we aren't in the same city/state we have this support for each other.

 I also have a good friend who is here on the AFB that has really pumped up my workouts from introducing me to new classes such as the circuit training class to coming up with workouts on her own. Let me tell ya, those workouts that she has put together have really kicked my butt and it's great info for me to use on my own (which I have done on several occasions). The one class she introduced me to that I have fallen in love with is Krav Maga. Its a self defense class and fortunately right now they…