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My Weight Progress in Photos

Starting Photo Weight of 237 lbs
(actual starting weight 242.4lbs)
Down 16 lbs to 221 lbs

Side by Side progress

Side profile of progress

Down another 16 lbs to 205 lbs

Side by side progress

Side profile of Progress

Down another 16lbs to 189 lbs

Side by side of progress

Side progile of progress

Down another 17 lbs to 172 lbs

Side by side of progress

side profile of progress

Total Progress from 237lbs to 172lbs

Side Profile of my progress from 237lbs to 172lbs

9 Months Gone By.....

As of March 26, 2011 I have been on this weight loss/lifestyle change journey for 9 months. The longest that I have ever stuck to something like this. I will be honest it has been a bit of a struggle the last couple weeks with the food I have been eating. I have been giving in more and more to what I want such as cheese fries, mozzarella sticks....all fried and mainly just eating out too much. But over the last week I have gotten back into cooking and eating back at home. Which is easier to control portion size, fat content and calories. But it so much easier to grab something from somewhere else when its only me and the kids and they are such pain to cook for sometimes (but they are kids). On the other hand I have not let up on my workouts. I added it up for the month of March I worked out for a total 46 hrs and 25 mins and only took 3 days off. Now for some stat updates:Weight:Starting: 242.4Current: 175.2Total of 67.2 lbs downMeasurements as of Oct 2010:Waist-Starting: 42.5Current:…