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Clothes with Weight Loss

So over the last several years I have always complained that I could never find clothes to fit me or that all the clothes that I owned were too small or looked just plain awful. And now I'm in the same boat on the opposite side of the river. All my clothes are too big. Yes it is a great feeling but when you are trying to find something to wear its a big pain in the A$$!!!! Right now I have about three shirts and one thin sweater that I rotate through and only one pair of jeans that fit and even those are getting too big now. I have several tank tops that I have bought through out the year and its getting to the point where I can't even wear them around the house since they are falling down up top and my bra is showing, lol. But since I don't go anywhere that often what I have is working for me. Most days I'm in my workout clothes or lounging shorts/pants and t-shirts/tank tops. My therapist gave me the idea of hitting up the local goodwill stores to find clothes at a …

My Stats

Once a month I will be updating my stats from the previous month for weight lost and inches lost.

Here are my stats since I began my weight loss:

June 26, 2010: 242.4
Current: 195.8

Total Loss: 46.6 lbs

Inches (I didn't beging to track my inches until Oct 2010):

Waist: 42.5
Hips: 50
Right Arm: 13.25
Right Thigh: 28

Waist: 37
Hips: 43
Right Arm: 12
Right Thigh: 25.5

Total (3 months): 16.25

From Starting to Now

On June 26, 2010 I was finally fed up with the way I looked. I was completely ashamed on how bad I let myself go over the years. I have always battled with weight most of my life and only at one point was I down to an okay weight....that only lasted about a year before I became pregnant with my first child and from then on out I gained all the weight back plus some. Yes, over the last several years I got on the weight loss bandwagon and was able to lose about 25 or so pounds before just not caring anymore and gaining it all back. But that Saturday I decided I was done and done for good. I logged back into the weight loss website that I had been using over the years ( and started my new life.

When I first started out I was exercising using the Wii Fit Plus and following the guidelines of eating less calories...usually between 1200-1400 and drinking 8 glasses of water. But once my kids went back to school I started using the gym on base. Of course I started out only doin…