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From Starting to Now

On June 26, 2010 I was finally fed up with the way I looked. I was completely ashamed on how bad I let myself go over the years. I have always battled with weight most of my life and only at one point was I down to an okay weight....that only lasted about a year before I became pregnant with my first child and from then on out I gained all the weight back plus some. Yes, over the last several years I got on the weight loss bandwagon and was able to lose about 25 or so pounds before just not caring anymore and gaining it all back. But that Saturday I decided I was done and done for good. I logged back into the weight loss website that I had been using over the years ( and started my new life.

When I first started out I was exercising using the Wii Fit Plus and following the guidelines of eating less calories...usually between 1200-1400 and drinking 8 glasses of water. But once my kids went back to school I started using the gym on base. Of course I started out only doing about 30 minutes at a time and slowly increased my time. I have since added using free weights to help tone up my body (really wanted to get my arms in shape since I have "flabby wings" as I like to call them).

I started out weighing 242.4 lbs and on someone who is 5'2" that is a lot of weight.....not a very pretty picture. It wasn't until I lost my first 5.4 lbs that I took a picture since I wanted to see the results as I went along. And here it is....

I then started to take pictures of the progress about every 16 lbs or so. And here are the pictures of my progress so far (at 237 lbs, 221 lbs, 205 lbs).... the next picture will be added when I reach 189 lbs.
As of today I weigh 196.4 lbs, which is a total loss of 42 lbs in about 6 1/2 months. My ultimate goal is to get down to about 120-125 or so pounds which will put my BMI in the healthy range.
My weekly workout schedule looks a little like this:
Sun: up to 2 hr Cardio
Mon:up to 2 hr Cardio
Tue: 30-45 mins Weight Lifting, up to 2 hr Cardio
Wed: 1 hr Cardio
Thurs: 30-45 mins Weight Lifting, up to 2 hr Cardio
Fri: up to 2 hr Cardio
Sat: 30-45 mins, up to 2 hr Cardio
For my cardio I use a different variety of machines....elliptical, treadmill, stair stepper, and bike.
I have also began to train for a 5k race, which I hope to be able to accomplish in April. And I want to try out a spin class soon. I'm always looking for new exercises to try for my weight lifting.
There will people who think "Wow, that's a lot." Yes, it is but I like I said I didn't start off doing this from day 1, I have worked my way up to it. And when I'm at the gym, that is my time that I center on myself.


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