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Since 2012 wasn't what I wanted for myself with my weight loss journey I plan on making 2013 10x better.

 I plan on losing the last 60ish lbs to finally reach my goal 130 lbs. I plan on being a much happier person, since I know that when I'm happy I have a easier time losing the weight. I will continue to see my therapist to reach that goal to being happy.

This year I plan on getting out of my house more often than just going to the commissary or to the gym. I will find something to occupy my time during the day, sitting at home with the four walls closing in isn't the way that I want to live my life. I feel like I have been forgotten by the people in my life...its like the saying "Out of sight, out of mind" really is playing out in my family. But it's up to me to make myself happy, not the other way around.

This year I plan on taking my family on a vacation, not sure where yet, but we need to get away from this city for a week or two. Along with a mini vacation…

Motivation VS Determination

Motivation is a great thing. It can help you jump start your weight loss but motivation doesn't last. It's the determination of making that change last for a life time that will get you through the process. 

When I started this process close to 2.5 years ago I had some great motivation. My motivation was to prove all those who called me fat, ugly and who knows what else that they were wrong. And once the weight started to fall off and people started to see who I really was the determination started to kick in. I was determined to be that person, but life, thought, and feelings gets in the way. I started to feel tired of doing all the hard work that comes with losing weight and some might say that it's the working out part, but for me that was easy. It's the always being on watch of what I was eating and over a year ago I gave up on that. The result: a 30-35 pound weight gain. 

Now its time to find that determination that I know I have in me. I'm not good at setting c…

Confession Time...

It has been over a year since I have successfully lost any amount of weight. This past week I have seen my weight creep back up close to 190 and its scary. The month of December hasn't seen much time in the gym, 10 days in and I have only worked out twice, though I did get to the gym after my therapy this afternoon. Some the weight gain I have seen I know is due to my period, but still its hard to watch that number go up and up and up. I can happily say that if I haven't stuck to going to the gym as I have been over the year I know that I would have put all the weight I loss back on, and possibly more. 

I have decided that today I am getting my life back on more eating crap like I have been lately. No more not caring if I get to the gym. I need to get my life back. I'm slowly falling back into the trap of not being happy with anything in my life. I lived like that for too long. The year of 2011 was one of the happiest that I can remember in a long long time. I wa…