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Motivation VS Determination

Motivation is a great thing. It can help you jump start your weight loss but motivation doesn't last. It's the determination of making that change last for a life time that will get you through the process. 

When I started this process close to 2.5 years ago I had some great motivation. My motivation was to prove all those who called me fat, ugly and who knows what else that they were wrong. And once the weight started to fall off and people started to see who I really was the determination started to kick in. I was determined to be that person, but life, thought, and feelings gets in the way. I started to feel tired of doing all the hard work that comes with losing weight and some might say that it's the working out part, but for me that was easy. It's the always being on watch of what I was eating and over a year ago I gave up on that. The result: a 30-35 pound weight gain. 

Now its time to find that determination that I know I have in me. I'm not good at setting challenges for myself or even rewarding myself when I hit certain goals. We are a family of 4 on 1 income so when I need new shoes or clothes I get them when we have the extra cash. I don't believe I reward myself with food, but I need to look into that more. Maybe my determination should come from that drawer full of clothes that I can no longer fit into due to the weight gain? Maybe my determination should come from a race that I have felt always to scared to do? In fact at my husband's squadron Christmas party Friday night, one of his co-workers asked if I was going to do the Manic Mud Run coming up in March. I told him no, and he reminded me that I was adamant that I was going to compete in that race. Where did that determination go? It's not too late for me to sign up for it, maybe I can talk my husband into doing it with me, it isn't I would want to do by myself. Maybe that is part of the problem, that I really don't have a partner. Not  necessarily one to workout with (I prefer to workout on my own unless I'm taking a class), but one to do the races with. 

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to take a look at what races I want to do compete in 2013 and get my determination back to complete them. And with the determination of completing those races I will want to look the best I can as I do them, so that will kick in the weight loss. Again, maybe I can talk my husband into doing them with me, if not have him there cheering me on and making him proud of my accomplishments. 

Random Thought of the Day: I have a shirt that I'm wearing today that have little plastic sequins and every time my eye catches them I think I dropped something on my shirt, which I'm horrible at doing...

Later Dayz :)  


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