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9 Months Gone By.....

As of March 26, 2011 I have been on this weight loss/lifestyle change journey for 9 months. The longest that I have ever stuck to something like this. I will be honest it has been a bit of a struggle the last couple weeks with the food I have been eating. I have been giving in more and more to what I want such as cheese fries, mozzarella sticks....all fried and mainly just eating out too much. But over the last week I have gotten back into cooking and eating back at home. Which is easier to control portion size, fat content and calories. But it so much easier to grab something from somewhere else when its only me and the kids and they are such pain to cook for sometimes (but they are kids). On the other hand I have not let up on my workouts. I added it up for the month of March I worked out for a total 46 hrs and 25 mins and only took 3 days off. Now for some stat updates: Weight: Starting: 242.4 Current: 175.2 Total of 67.2 lbs down Measurements as of Oct 2010: Waist- Starting: 42.5 Current: 34 Total: -8.5 Hips- Starting: 50 Current: 40 Total: -10 Thigh- Starting: 28 Current: 24 Total: -4 Arm- Starting: 13.25 Current: 12 Total: -1.25 Grand total: 23.75 inches (that's only counting one thigh and one arm) I'm positive its more since I didn't take any measurements from June 26 to September 30. Plus I haven't taken any measurements of my bust or neck. I have also gone down in several size in clothing. I started out in a size 18 jeans (should have been 20) and a size 20 shorts, along with a size xxl in shirts. In my workout clothing I started out an xxl shirt and pants and xl sports bra, all made by champion from Target. Today I wear a size 12 jeans (not sure of shorts since I haven't bought any) and a size L top. In my workout clothing I'm wearing a size xl in both shirts and pants (though the pants are lose and could go down another size) and a size L in my sports bra. I haven't bought any new regular bras but I'm sure I smaller than the size 40D I'm wearing now, lol. I have also bought a smaller size under (size L....woo hoo!!!!).

I'm also kicking A$$ at the gym with my workouts. I started November 9, 2010 lifting free weights with a 5 lb weight. I am now up to 17.5 lbs on the dumbbells, benching 55 lbs, and 30 lb squats on the smith machine. I also do an assorted exercises on the matrix cable machine, along with a couple on the Nautilus machines and again an assorted exercises with medicine balls. I have recently started to use the kettle bells that my gym affords.

I started on December 8, 2010 with a running program called couch to 5k. To be honest I only stuck with that program for about 3 weeks before coming up with my own training. I have ran my first 5k on March 5th with a time of 39:03 and in training to run a 10k. I don't have one registered yet and I have my sights set on the Cooper River Bridge Run next year if I don't find one this year. When I first started on December 9th I could only run for a min at a time and even then that took a lot from me, but today April 3, 2011 I successfully ran for 58 mins without having to take any sort of walking breaks....could have gone a little longer but our treadmills only go up to 60 mins at a time.

I have one last thing to say in closing this blog:


None of you will ever bring me down again!!! I'm a strong woman in mind and body, and getting stronger everyday!


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