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More Goals to For Reach!!!

This is about setting goals for myself. These aren't weight loss related in the sense of dealing with the "dieting" or exercising that comes with the weight loss battle, but more from the mental picture of what I have about myself from the weight loss battle. Some of you or most of you know that I was obese from 2001 until last year when I finally left that category behind. And in those 10 years I haven't really care what I looked like. I wore jeans and tee shirts, no make up or any type of jewelry, hair usually pulled into a pony tail. I did treat myself to pedicures since it was the only thing that made me feel girly. If by chance I did have to dress up it was always a pain since I never wanted to spend a lot of money on an outfit that I would most likely only wear once so most times I didn't go to the function. 


I have already started on some of the changes. I do wear make up more often. If I do go out I at least put in a pair of earrings. But I WANT to do more. I NEED to do more. I am worth the effort of making myself look good. I want to be that person that people look at and think: Wow, look how put together she is. I want to get away from only wearing jeans and tee shirts. To having those outfits in the closet so that my husband and I can got out somewhere nice for dinner on occasion. Not get stressed out if he has a function for work or even to a wedding.

So starting this week I'm am making a promise to myself to start taking better care of myself. Putting the extra effort to be that person that is "put together". Some things will have to come slowly, as in buying more clothes, shoes, and jewelry. But nothing should stop me from putting my make up on, wearing the jewelry I have now or even make sure that my nails look pretty. 

I will go from looking like this every day:

To looking like this more often:

Photo by Kari Isensee Phototgraphhy
If I have to write down every day what I did to keep this promise I will do so (not that I would blog about it every day, com'n who would want to read that, lol). It needs to become a habit, a good habit. I might even start taking a picture everyday (again; just for myself) to show tangible proof that I'm doing this! 

2012 is not only the year that I will reach goal and maintain my weight loss, but it will also be the year that I make myself a priority in this sense too!!


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