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Gaining Weight Sucks!

I hate that I gained back close 40 lbs back! I know that I wrote a while back that I was back on track but it wasn't so. Yeah, I stayed true to the gym and my workouts but the diet portion wasn't there. It's true about what they say; losing weight is 20% exercise, 80% diet. Getting back up to basically 188 lbs was easier than I thought could happen. And now I'm dealing with the downside of it. Most and I mean about 85% of my clothes don't fit me anymore. And working with a limited wardrobe before was tough, this is even tougher.

So here I am almost 27 months in this journey and I'm having to re-lose these 40 lbs, along with about 30 more to reach goal. I'm basically having to retrain my mind that it's okay to live off smaller portions. I'm just glad that I never stopped going to the gym.

To help get me a jump start on the weight loss train I joined a challenge to go the month of September with no fast good and 6 days in I haven't had any. Don't get me wrong I want some Chick-fil-a badly. But I know at the end of the month that I will have a better grasp on my eating out abilities.

So far I have lost over 7lbs of what I gained back and have a goal to be as close to where I was before by the end of November when I go back to Albuquerque to see my best friend.

Here's to making my fat cry and leaving it behind at the gym.

Later Dayz!


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