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Pity Party Day

Really feel like a having a big ol' pity party for myself today. I have eaten so much crap and I keep going back to the pantry for more. I HATE days like this. Yeah, it's emotional eating. I'm stuck in my house pretty much day after day after day. The only times I really get out is when I go the gym and when I go to the commissary. Only having one car sucks, but we are hoping to change that status when we get our tax refund and we can get a cheap 2nd car. Not that I will really have any where to go with a 2nd vehicle, but at least I will have the option of leaving if I want to. I need to find a productive hobby that will help with my boredom. 

I'm also becoming bored at the gym with my workouts. I really need to find something that will make it interesting again. I usually go through this every couple of months but I always know that once I get going on my workout I feel so much better. But it really is my diet that is driving me crazy. Of course the only one in charge of my diet is me. I'm the one who does all the food shopping, all the food planning, all the food cooking. I need to get excited about fun, new ways of cooking food again. Plus I just need to buckle down and stay within my calories. I did it for close to 2 years, so I know it's possible. We are also looking at replacing our grill so that will make me happy so that we can grill more food, to me it just taste better grilled, lol.

Right now I feel all I'm doing is talking and not putting any actions behind my words. I need to get my butt off the couch and do something! 

I do have something to look forward to: once my husband and I have some extra cash we are going to go on a date, to a nice restaurant and maybe to a bar to relax away from the house and the kids. We actually need to set this up for a once a month thing. 

Later Dayz


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