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Pitiful Ally Day...errrrr!!!

It's Monday afternoon and I have had one of those "suck it" days....where everything you think can go wrong retrospect. 

Ever since my weigh in on Friday I have slowly gained weight...yes I know in reality that I really didn't gain the weight since I haven't eaten that many calories...except for maybe today and I have gotten to the gym to workout...two pretty damn good workouts in my opinion. 

But my feelings today have been pretty sucky. I have felt like crap how I feel after taking a nap in the middle of the day, with a slight headache feeling. Might have been from getting up at 545 with the dog to take him out and then laying back down on the couch to "sleep" for another hour. So I thought that maybe getting to the gym and going for a run would be a way to help rid some of the crappy feeling. Yeah...well that didn't workout as plan. My knees were hurting a bit and my legs felt so heavy, like they were full of lead so I only got in about 20 or minutes and most of that was walking. But hey, I haven't had a day off in 2-3 weeks. That would have been good if I haven't been eating all day, craving everything you can think of. Good think I'm broke or there would be a great possibility of me buying the stuff. I'm talking about chocolate, cupcakes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, cheese fries from Outback....all the "bad" things. So instead I have eaten all the "bad" things that we have in the house...tortilla chips with rotel/velvetta cheese dip, BBQ potato chips, and oreos. Plus I have fallen asleep on the couch a few times which brings back that crappy feeling...UGH! 

On top of this I have a whole list of why my life sucks. Here's just a few:
1. Broke as hell
2. No friends to spend the holiday weekend with
3. Not leaving the house, other than for the gym
4. Wanting to sleep the day away
5. My eyes are giving trouble and I'm having a hard time seeing right (more reason for a headache)

I mean the list can go on and on and on. Yes, I know its a pitiful Ally list, but hey everyone has one once in awhile. I don't expect anyone to change anything on this list but me. And I'm grateful for my therapy session tomorrow. Plus we get back on a normal schedule with the kids back at school and Ty back at work. I do have a meeting Thursday afternoon that I'm really looking forward to since it: 1. gets me out of the house and 2. lets me be around other women to talk to. 

After tonight's dinner I'm going to put this day behind me as far as my eating goes and get back to where I can "control" what and when I eat....I think some of it came out of boredom...ugh the worst kind of eating. Plus I will be back at the gym, I think my body appreciates the day off today, lol. And I have my therapy so I get out of the house a little more than just the gym. I just need to keep looking at the positives when the negatives pop up. 

So, yeah...I feel a bit better now that I got this all out and for the rest of the week I'm going to concentrate on building more muscle in my gym workouts and dropping more fat, maybe with some weight loss thrown in. And also enjoy the small things in life that are there! 


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