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Wearing my new jeans out....

This afternoon I had a meeting with some of the other spouse's from my hubby's squadron. He has only been with this squadron since the middle of May and they have made me feel so welcomed, they are just a great group of ladies. Kinda off the point of this blog, but had to say it.

And since the weather has cooled down a little here in Southern SC I thought this would be a great time to wear my new jeans...I've had them for almost a month but its been to hot to wear them, lol. I hadn't even taken the tag off them and one of them said to wash before wearing since the dye might rub off onto light color fabrics. I was a little hesitant since most know that jeans have a tendency to be tight after being washed and dried...but I put them on anyway and the fit perfectly. I can't tell you how happy I am that I can officially say that I'm a size 8. Some days I don't even feel like that can be true. And at one point during the meeting we went into the break room where there were a bunch of young Airmen and for the first time in many many years I didn't feel self conscious of how I looked. I'm starting to feel like a "normal" person. And I think one of the best things is that I decided to do this at our new base where I was able to make a new start and in some ways a new Ally. Here a few pictures of tonight with me wearing my size 8 jeans (sorry just can't stop saying that, lol).

(Not really sure why she looks like she saw a ghost, lol)


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