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Back on track???

I'm hopefully back on was a great day. I didn't go crazy with eating so much I felt like crap...not that I ate the best considering I had a bag of peanut m&m's. Those plus Reece's peanut butter cups are my weakness. Thank god the last bag is gone and I'm not going to buy any more any time soon. Plus I got in all 5 miles that I had planned today. They weren't my fastest miles but I was only working on distance today. And for once I never thought of stopping before the 5 miles were done. Though about a half mile left I slowed down to walk a few seconds and my legs felt a bit numb, its been a long while since I have ran that long. But I think after this coming Wednesday I won't be running in the afternoons anymore. The warm weather was taking its toll on me. For me a perfect running day is when its a bit cloudy and about 55-60 degrees out. I'm also thinking about just doing the circuit training class on Tuesday and Thursday without any extra cardio so I'm not overly worn out before the race on Saturday. 

But I was looking at some old photos that I had taken as I was losing the weight and I came across this one..its a big reminder of how far I have come and that I can get back to that weight soon. 

And after watching my husband do a mud run over the weekend I have a new goal of doing one of those, maybe later this summer/early fall or next year. Someone told me that the USMC puts one on twice a year in Columbia which is only about 1.5 hr from where I live.  Hopefully by then I will have gained some upper body strength. I am gaining some considering I couldn't do a single push up about a month ago and now I'm up to going down at least half way. 

Sorry for the random thoughts....


  1. I'm sure you could do a run better than your hubby... He walked :) The marine runs are usually 10k though, so maybe start with the warrior dash this november

  2. Cool, where's the warrior dash?

  3. Ally, I think u are doing fantastic on your weight loss journey. After this surgery I'm getting on track too, you are such an inspiration!

  4. Thanks, Marina!! You should come check out the circuit training class at the gym on Tues and Thurs from 11-12...its a great workout!!


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