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Some Frustrations

I am so frustrated right now. From November through February I gained back over 20lbs. I honestly got bored with what I was doing at the gym and fed up with watching everything that I ate. And over the last month I have struggled to not gain anymore weight since I can't get a grip on getting my eating cleaner, but the good news is that I have found my love for the gym and working out again. A friend of mine here introduced me to a new circuit training class at the gym and she has also put together a Boot Camp and HIIT workout. I haven't taken my measurements lately so I'm not sure if I have lost the inches I gained back but I have noticed that my bum is getting better looking and that's always a big plus! 

I'm also frustrated right now with my face and the acne that is plaguing it. You would think that someone in their almost mid 30's wouldn't have to be dealing with it, but here I am. I know that there are a few factors that are causing the acne: PMS, stress, and all the sweat from working out. But I'm so sick of it!! I hate the way I look, and not to mention the dark circles under my eyes. I truly thought that once I dropped most of the weight they would go away, but nope they are still there. I need to find something that will help with the acne and the dark circles. I want to look as good as I feel and when I look in the mirror that isn't happening. ERRRR!!!!! 

Let's not forget that I'm nervous as all get out over the 10k that I'm running this coming Saturday. My runs lately haven't been anywhere I want them to be. I was down to running about 10:45 min mile and now I'm back to running anywhere from a 11:30 to a 11:45 min mile. I have 2 more run days planned before the race. I'm attempting a 5 mile run on Monday and an easy 3 mile run on Wednesday. But no matter what I will finish this race and it will give a base to improve on. I did cut 3 mins off my 5k from last years race and that was with double the hills. 

So here's to getting back into the swing of things with a cleaner diet and better workouts!!

Have a Happy Sunday!!!


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