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Last PreRace Run

Lesson learned today...don't expect a great run time the day after a really good leg workout and circuit training class. Plus I'm still not used to running in warmer weather. I'm glad that the race is early in the morning while its still cool, though I'm totally not looking forward to getting up at the butt crack of dawn. After talking with my husband I have decided to take both tomorrow and Friday off from the gym to let my body rest up. This will be my first 10k and I haven't ran 6 miles in a long long time, nor have ran the bridge since last fall. But I'm sure with all the excitement of being at the race I'll do just fine. Though I'm sad to not be getting a good workout with my friend and the circuit training class in. I really enjoy them. I'll also see how I'm feeling Sunday to decided if I do my boot camp workout. 

Since I'm taking the next couple days off from the gym I need to tighten up my "diet" and definitely make sure to eat before I hit the commissary tomorrow morning. Nothing worse than grocery shopping while hungry. And even though my MIL is coming into town on Friday night I've decided to cook that night and keep our day out to eat to Saturday since I'm sure will go somewhere maybe downtown Charleston for lunch and then I'm going out with a couple ladies from my husband's squadron Saturday night and to a dessert bar to boot, lol. But I deserve it after running 6.2 miles, :-)

Random thought of the day (guess its my new thing, lol)...I might have mentioned this in an earlier blog but its still something that plagues my mind. My biggest sore spot about my body is my legs (other than my boobs and that's a whole other story). After all the weight I have lost I still feel like my legs are huge. I have a bad habit of looking at other people's legs and think "why can't mine be that skinny".  Come on....look at them:

and these pictures are a few months old and they are a few inches bigger due to the 20 lb weight gain over the last few months. I would love to say its all muscle but there is still a lot of fat there...ugh!!

Ending the blog on a good note...going to start saving up for my next (and maybe last) tattoo. I feel like I have put it off long enough. My goal is to get it done this fall since I want it on my thigh and its not good to have it water or sun and I spend a lot of time at the pool and the beach in the summer.


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