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Workouts (plus a random thought)

I finally saw a drop in weight this month. I had been hovering around the same weight for about 3 weeks and it was getting really frustrating to see that same number over and over. I know that my body is going through some transition since I have added a lot more full body workouts to my schedule. Not that I don't like lifting weights in the traditional sense, but doing this class and working out with another friend here on base has really got drive back in full swing. Plus I now can take what I have learned from each and do my own workout when I can't make it to the class or meet up with my friend. And to be honest, its a lot easier when you have someone else telling you what to do instead of trying to figure out what to do yourself. 

While in class, the instructor said she noticed that I have gotten stronger since I first started the class about a month ago. I said that I couldn't tell, but now that I have had time to think about it, I feel like I can. I can do more reps on some of the exercises she has had us do before and hold higher weights while doing others. Of course there are those that I still struggle on, i.e. the evil side plank (especially when resistance bands are added), lol. But that will come as I gain more upper body strength.  

Starting next week, my husband will be going back to doing PT in the mornings, so I need to decided if I want to get up that early to get my runs in. It does work in my favor since it will still be cool out. Plus it will be a lot easier once the kids are out of school for the summer, but I haven't gotten up that early to workout in a long time. But there is only one way to know and that is to get out there and try. 

Random thought (I have a lot of these)...anyone else confused as to how men perceive women. And any guy who reads these blogs please feel free to jump in and give your thoughts in case I'm totally off base here. I have seen and heard so much as to how men will always chose the "real" woman, i.e. one that has a bit of meat on her bones. But then you have all those really skinny women out there who they somewhat drool over. Does this not give the wrong impression to us women. I've come to accept that even when I get to goal weight (which is still a mystery to me, but have an idea) that I won't ever be considered skinny. I hope that I would be considered fit but with curves. Some might say that other people's opinion of me don't matter, but I've got to be honest. Those opinions do matter to me. Maybe it comes from years of being FAT and having most talk about it behind my back, that for once I want to feel like I fit in. And what is acceptable to be able to feel that I do. Just my few thoughts on it.

4 days until the Cooper River Bridge Run...eekkk!!!


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