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Stress and Judgements.....

So I have had a lot on my mind lately and this has been one of them and at times I think it stresses me out. And we all know how stress can affect our bodies, especially when we are trying to lose weight. I have only said this to maybe two people, one for sure. So here goes...

I have been wondering a lot lately who would stop wanting to hang out with me or even be my friend if I told them the truth about my religious beliefs. I don't believe in church and I don't believe in the bible, but that doesn't mean that I don't believe in GOD. I haven't really come to that decision yet. This also doesn't mean that I don't have morals and standards that I live myself by or my family. I don't judge those who do go to church or believe in the bible. They have every right to do so. And when people ask for prayers, I just say that I will keep them in my thoughts since I don't pray. 

But there are days where I just feel so weighted down by keeping this to myself, because I don't want to be judge. I have been judge for too many years about my weight and how I look, that I'm sick of it. Plus things that have gone on in my personal life and marriage that isn't anyone else's business. I have really come a long way into changing myself both inside and out, that I just cannot stand judgmental thoughts anymore. 

This doesn't change me as a person. If you liked before you knew this, why can't you like me afterwards. I just had to get this off my chest, one less stressful thing to think about in this crazy thing we call life...


  1. Girl I am with you, I don't believe in organized religion do I believe in God yes, do I pray no. But I feel that I was way more judgemental when I was going to church than now that I don't. I don't say that they can't go so I won't want them to tell me I have to go. This is between me and God. No one else!

  2. Allison, I love you no matter what and have no intention of judging you. I have had problems in the past connecting with a church. I can tell you without hesitation that I believe in God and he is the only one to judge any of us. A year ago, I started watching on my computer Rick Warren from Saddleback Church out of California. I have found so much peace and gratitude from listening to his series every week. Nothing compares to having a small group of supportive believers to worship along with, but if you don't have a church connection at this time, I think you would enjoy this. I invite you to watch his service just one time to see if you like him. You can watch sat evening or every two hours on Sunday. Please go to : And choose Internet campus, click on "watch service" at one of the appointed times


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