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Truth Time...

Time to be honest really. Ever since the 2nd week of October I have really fell off to the wayside with my workouts and eating healthy. I want to blame it all on the fact that I'm now a lot busier than I have been all year but honestly that isn't true. Yes, I am busier than normal. Every weekend except for the first one in October was filled with one activity after another. And yes, we have gone down to one car as I stated in my previous blog but I have let stupid reason stop me from making it to my workouts, like this past Monday I made it all the way to the gym when I realized I didn't have my "sweat towel" so I drove back home and let the fact that I was already home keep me from driving back. But then I have legitimate reasons for not making it like today, went outside to drive to the gym and our car wouldn't start. Luckily enough a friend of ours came over and jumped us off. But really I let the stupid excuses be there more and more than actually going. 

I really have lost my drive to workout and I'm working on finding it again. I think instead of my body hitting a plateau it has decided to just want to stop working out and eating right. Yes, I know one is the actual body not wanting to release the weight and the other is mental, but that's the way I'm looking at it. 

And to continue with the honesty, there has been no healthy eating at all over the last month. I haven eaten what I want, as much as I have wanted, with a ton of eating out and eating to the point of being overly full. What has that done to me, now when I do try to eat reasonably, I'm always hungry, its like I have to retrain my stomach and mind all over again. The only thing that I have stuck with is drinking my water. 

So what does all this mean? I have gone from being about 145-146ish lbs to 154.4 lbs and it honestly feels good to say that. I'm not ashamed as I am human but I'm not happy about it either. This week I will be getting back to the gym (with the exception of Friday being a holiday and a 5k race on the base, so I'm not sure of the traffic situation and hours at the gym, but will go as long as its open) and back to tracking and measuring out my food. 

I would have loved to hit my goal weight by the end of the year but I know that isn't going to happen so I'm shooting for when I run my 10k at the end of March....I have 33 lbs to make it. And I will need all the support I can get to stay on track. I now see how easy it is to gain in such a short time period. 


  1. You can do it I know you can!!!! One day at a time and one foot in front of the other.


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