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Thoughts on my next weigh in....

I can't stop thinking about my weigh in tomorrow. Yes, after all this time and after all that I have accomplished over the last year I still look to the scale as a weigh of measuring my success. It's the way I'm wired. Do I get disappointed when I have a gain, yes slightly since most of the gains that I have had over the year have came from spending time in my home town. But I have never let any of them stop me from continuing on this journey. 

Then why am I so centered on this weigh in? I am down to losing the last 30 lbs and I have never been in this position before. And you always hear that the closer you are to reaching the ultimate goal the harder the pounds are to come off. I'm not looking to lose 2 lbs a week, I have hardly had those weeks....on average I lose about 1.6 lbs a week. Plus I have completely change my calorie intake to help with how many calories I'm burning at the gym. 

It's a scary thought that I need to eat anywhere from 1500-1800 calories a day to lose weight! But on the other hand I am burning anywhere from about 850-950 at the gym and that's with cardio alone since I don't know what I'm burning doing my weight training, nor do I want to count those since I look at that in a completely different way towards my workouts...that is to help me build muscle. Which in turns helps burn the fat for when I do my cardio. It all goes hand in hand. 

And before anyone comments on how often I check my weight on the scale, I do this for me. It's a  personal choice as  to how often you want to check your weight and I have read articles that are for and against daily weigh ins. But back to the point. This week I have seen my weight go from 157.8 on Monday to 154.2 yesterday and back up to 154.4 today. I know that it was reading high on Monday morning due to all that I ate over the weekend, but it was really water weight. But what I am surprised about is that my weight is showing at 154.4. Who would have ever thought that eating that much is actually helping lose weight. 

Maybe my weight training is finally paying off and I'm burning more fat now (great way to look at it in my book). I still have 4 weeks until I go back for another Bod Pod test to see how much body fat % I have dropped over the last 3 months so I really don't know exactly what is going on. I know I really should just shut my mind up and tell it: "Hey, dummy, whatever you are doing is working. Stop fighting and just go with the flow!" 

I'm meeting my daily goals that I set for myself...and I'm on track to meet my weekly goals too. The only way I'm really going to know if this is the right process (calorie intake vs calorie burn) is to continue with it and see how each week goes. If it works wonderful, if not then I will just need to tweak it until it does. Right now I'm on track to reach my final goal by my 10th Wedding Anniversary, which would just be icing on the cake (figuratively). 


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