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Weigh In Update and Other Great Surprises

So I had my weigh in today....I'm down 1.4 lbs for the wasn't the 1.6-1.8 I was shooting for but I'm happy with it. It brings my weight loss down to a total of 88 lbs, that's only 2 lbs from 90 and puts me solidly in the mid 150's. I can definitely see me hitting my goal of being in the 140's by the time I go for my next Bod Pod test. So I'm still shooting for another 1.6-1.8 gone for next week. I'm still sticking with the higher calorie intake for the next week to see if what I'm doing is actually working or if it was just a fluke this week. 

One of my great surprises for the day came from my workout at the gym. I have had to put off doing squats and lunges due to some pain in my knee when I bent it at that angle, came from all my running (one of the reasons I backed off running so much). But since Tyler came home from his TDY and started back on swing shift I have been able to get to the gym without the kids in tow and get back to my weight training. I have been training to condition my legs so they are stronger with the hope that it helps my knee and the last 2.5 weeks of work has paid off. I was able to do squats holding a 10 lb dumbbell and lateral lunges with some twinges from not really uses my knee that way. Woo Hoo!!

And while I was taking my 30-60 sec breaks in between sets I was looking at the AF breakdown to passing their Fitness Test and decided my next challenge will be to pass it within my age frame. I have the run down pretty good, just need to see what it actually would be on the track they use. I'm good on my waist measurement; so now all I need to do is work on the sit ups and push ups. I think it would be fun to see where I fall in the scheme of things as I see some women who are Active Duty who are bigger than me (not trying to be hateful, just the truth).

The other great surprise from today came tonight while shopping for some jeans for my kids. We went to Old Navy since they were having a $10 dollar sale (plus tax free) and I decided a head of time I was going to try the next size down just to see how much further I need to go before they fit.  So while the kids were picking out the jeans they wanted to try I went over to the Women's and grabbed the size I was looking for. We then all headed to the fitting room. I unfolded the pants and held them up...thinking: "I might be able to get them up over my legs and possibly (fingers crossed) zipped up, but might be too tight to actually fill comfortable." So I slid them on...up my curvy calves and thighs. Pulled the sides close to button and zip them...and the realization hit me. THEY FIT! And not only did they fit, they fit comfortably, no tightness. I kept saying OMG...OMG...OMG, my daughter looked at me like I was crazy. So now I can officially say that I'm a SIZE 8 at Old Navy (wish I took a picture to show). I have never been a single digit size in my adult life! I know that Old Navy can/does run big so I'm a little anxious to try a size 8 at a different store and see how they fit. I'm going to go ahead and get them towards the end of the month since I was given $20 in Old Navy Cash to be spent starting on the 25th, plus a gift card I was given for my birthday and my current jeans are a size 12.

All I can say is that its so great to see all the work that I have put into this is really really paying off. Happy Weekend to ME!!!!


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